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A DAILY ROUTINE to Find a Job:

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

The key is to treat job hunting as your job until you find one. And eventually, you will.

Monday to Friday

7am - Wake up, shower and breakfast. Don't stay in your pyjamas.

8am - Search for jobs on job boards including LinkedIn. Seat yourself somewhere quiet where you can focus.

9:30am - Exercise. Try a fast walk around the block, mediate or do some yoga.

10am - Tailor your resume for new job opportunities. Always include a custom cover letter. They're even more important now.

11am - Upskill with an online course or read a book.

12pm - Lunch. Use this time to reach out to ex-colleagues, friends and referees for a chat. Try to set up one virtual networking date each week.

1pm - LinkedIn time. Find content, like & leave comments. The goal is to elevate your profile.

2:30pm - Break. More exercise / meditation, maybe even have a snack.

3pm - Research content ideas for posting on LinkedIn. Draft and publish. Ensure your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date.

4pm - Video and phone interview prep, including research into companies, answers to common questions, stories that highlight your skills.

5pm - Finish.

It might take a bit longer than normal to find work in the current market, so be patient and stay positive!


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