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Here's what happens when you Return to Office...

Here is a little something for CEO's, Directors & Senior Managers.

Let me put a real scenario forward to you which is happening right now and will continue to happen in 2022, short and sweet:


"Every time a competitor mentions 'Return to Office' we hire recruiters to reach out to their people. We've hired 15+ of their Engineers and Architects in the last two months."

Recruiters will go straight to YOUR employees and offer them the exact same salary/benefits you do with the addition of working Fully Remote within weeks most of your talented employees will leave.

You could not have made it easier for them.

Stay relevant to the current market, your competitors have moved on from daily commuting to the office. At the very least you should be offering hybrid working with a serious focus on only commuting to the office when it is absolutely necessary.

You have to adapt to stay in the game or you will lose out every time.


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