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Don't keep blindly applying for jobs;

What I see people saying all the time is: "I have applied for so many roles but not hearing back or getting interviews"

My advice...

Do something different; that method is just not working the way you want.

Change the narrative, think outside of the box.

1. Use your Linkedin more - I see it repeatedly; people who say the above typically have incomplete profiles and rarely use it. Use it more, comment on relevant posts and post content that demonstrates you and your skills.

2. Join communities - Again, people in these positions are typically rarely involved with the industry, join groups, communities and go to conferences to connect with people.

3. Step out of your comfort zone - Change what you are currently doing, try something new, write an article, start a group, produce a video introducing yourself, think about how you can get your passion noticed.

4. Keep your CV relevant to the job you are applying to, do not use a generic CV for all vacancies. Pick out the skills that are most relevant and expound on them, show transferrable skills and do your research into the company, show how you can be a good fit for them and their culture.

Become more than a piece of paper in a pile or a PDF file in an ATS, your choice.

When I am representing my candidates, these are the areas I like to touch up on, remember your linkedin profile is an additional professional profile along with your CV. Most of my clients would refer to your Linkedin profile just to see additional information and skills, so be active and be detailed.

Get noticed, get hired... it's time to take action.


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