The secret of getting ahead is getting started.

Tirda Usada Clinic


Pak Tjok

"He had the audience in tears, crying and laughing, with his stories of adventure and learning. He imparted a profound message of how we as humans can all overcome life challenges and adversities."

Accenture - Austria

Daniel Etzel

"When I was with him on stage I understood the meaning of his words...The audience felt it. They where moved, inspired, energised. Afterwards no one wanted to leave. And he stayed to listen, to answer, to connect."

Ocean Film Festival


Nell Teasdale


"He spoke to audiences of 1200 people...He had a captivating presence on stage and really inspired the audience...he was inundated with people who wanted to speak with him in person and get his autograph."

Talent Sourcing -

Motivational Speaking

Would your organisation, conference or event benefit from a motivational speaker?

Inspiring passion, the importance of never giving up, adapting to better yourself in any situation and incredible life stories and adventures which will leave your audience inspired and enthused.



United Kingdom

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